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What will it take, now, and into the future?

The transformation towards software-defined vehicles is an inevitable trend that will shape the future of the automotive industry over the next decade. However, this shift will not be simple and will demand innovative thinking, implementation of new technologies, and the adoption of novel business models across the automotive life-cycle.

At KPIT, as a software integration partner to the industry, we are at the forefront of this transformation and are assisting leading brands in managing their current vehicle programs and working together on developing next-generation solutions for the software-defined vehicle (SDV).

20 + Years of excellence in developing patented vehicle life-cycle management solutions spanning vehicle design, engineering, aftersales service, maintenance and repair.

30 + mainstream and
new-age OEMs & Tier1s
as strategic partners

Strategic alliances with domain specialists to develop innovative and next-gen tech solutions

Cater to customers across vehicle segments
(Pass Car, Commercial Vehicles, Off-highway)

Active members of consortiums and standardization committees like ASAM, SAE, SOAFEE, AUTOSAR, and SOVD


A cloud-based platform that facilitates the development and validation of diagnostic functions and offers extensive & scalable solutions for after-sales service, maintenance, and repair.

KPIT’s Vehicle Life-cycle Management platform [K-VLM]

Engineering & Validation

Even as automotive OEM continue to focus on Electrification & Autonomous as their growth mainstays, the current state of their diagnostic development processes and tools, is posing some serious questions and challenges.

The resultant impact includes; redundant development efforts, data design in-efficiencies, vehicle re-calls, safety risks and a delayed time-to-market.

Counter these challenges with an automated and an
integrated engineering & validation solution from KPIT

A cloud-based collaborative platform for cross-functional teams and suppliers of automotive manufacturers to define, develop, author, test and validate diagnostic data for ECUs and HPCs

Operates on a ‘single source of truth’ premise to deal with multiple complex systems with variants & runtime dependencies

Integrates with requirements management systems for end to end traceability and increased test coverage

Enables left-shifting of development & verification through automated regression for all s/w versions and vehicle variants

KPIT’s Engineering & Validation Platform | Building Blocks

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development: re-use,
integrate, release.
Anytime, anywhere.

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Aftersales & Maintenance
Solutions [AMS]

Vehicle complexity is outgrowing existing servicing capabilities owing to rapidly evolving software-centric architectures, high-tech automotive engineering, outdated service info stored across multiple systems and a global shortage of skilled technicians.

Results in negative impact on key service KPI’s including first-fix-rate; mean-time-to-repair; technician productivity & service throughput. However, It’s NOT just profitability at stake. There is a huge bearing on CSAT & OEM brand image as well.

KPIT’s advanced Aftersales platform has proven
instrumental in addressing these industry challenges

This cloud-based platform links aspects of diagnostics, guided & remote troubleshooting and service information management into a fully integrated technician-centric solution, and offers:

A centralized, data-driven and multi-platform deployable diagnostic application

Re-use of engineering/legacy data & integration of technical service information

AI-driven guided diagnostics & troubleshooting functionality for root-cause analysis & repair

An aftersales information bus that enables information flow across systems

KPIT’s advanced Aftersales platform | Building Blocks

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We offer aftersales
solutions that intuitively
a technician across
the aftersales service &
repair life-cycle.

Our vision is to enable &
the service

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