Vehicle Diagnostics is NOW Integrated Diagnostics & Aftersales Transformation [iDART]

Keeping the ‘Software on Wheels’ in motion...

What will it take, now, and into the FUTURE?

The transformation towards software-defined vehicles is an inevitable trend that will shape the future of the automotive industry over the next decade. However, this shift will not be simple and will demand innovative thinking, implementation of new technologies, and the adoption of novel business models across the automotive lifecycle.

At KPIT, as a software integration partner to the industry, we are at the forefront of this transformation and are assisting leading brands in managing their current vehicle programs and working together on developing next-generation solutions for the software-defined vehicle (SDV).

20+ Years of excellence
in developing patented vehicle lifecycle management solutions spanning vehicle design, engineering, aftersales service, maintenance and repair.

Part of SDV
production programs
at leading Global

25 mainstream and
new-age OEMs & Tier1s
as strategic partners

Strategic alliances with domain specialists to develop innovative and next-gen tech solutions

Active members of consortiums and standardization committees like ASAM, SAE, SOAFEE, AUTOSAR, ISO and SOVD

As technology partners to leading brands, we are helping them
solve key problems and tap into emerging revenue pools
across the automotive life-cycle

KPIT’s Integrated Diagnostics & Aftersales Transformation [iDART] Platform

A cloud-based ecosystem that offers tools & accelerators for the development and validation of E/E diagnostic functions using virtual and simulated environments, and provides digitized & transformative solutions for aftersales service & maintenance in addition to new-age use cases like continuous software updates, predictive maintenance and subscription based, direct-to-customer maintenance services.

Our Value Proposition

Managed Services

The model covers the entire automotive lifecycle (pre-production to post-production) through a Service center Set-Up, and offers distinct benefits for OEMs, including:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Higher efficiency and productivity
  • Access to experts across functional domains
  • On-demand scalability
  • Improved risk management
  • Best-practices driven IP protection & cybersecurity compliance
  • Freed-up time and resources to focus on core business

KPIT has the tools, process know-how, domain expertise and the scale to realize measurable savings in development & maintenance of S/W applications through its managed services model

Offering What it entails?
Legacy S/W & diagnostic content management
  • Expert services & best-in-class processes to create, migrate & maintain high-quality standards-compliant ECU S/W & diagnostic data
  • Automated validation service to validate legacy data correctness and completeness
SDV development & S/W integration
  • Platform, accelerators, and resources to augment & expedite SDV development efforts, including:
  • Model-based S/W design, SOVD data models, domain ECU apps & SOVD API generation
  • Integration tests with hardware (HIL) and software components
Virtualization & validation services
  • Comprehensive, automated framework to thoroughly test, validate, and verify ECU diagnostics S/W
  • Test environment-agnostic solution that seamlessly integrates with virtualization and build pipeline
APP development & maintenance
  • ASPICE and CMMi-compliant application development processes and frameworks
  • Global pool of domain experts specialized in engineering, EoL & aftersales processes
  • 20+ years of proven experience in automotive application dev. & maintenance
Service info development & maintenance
  • Technical service information design & development to provide instructions on how to diagnose, repair, and maintain vehicles
  • Clear, accurate, and easy-to-use service content crafted by automotive experts using structured & efficient processes
Regulatory compliance
  • End-to-end V-model vehicle system cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity S/W testing & process adherence review (UNECE R155/WP.29 compliant)
Program governance & management
  • Best-practices-based framework that enables full transparency at every milestone
  • Effective and efficient management of local and global teams through multi-level governance
  • Knowledge management and customer IP protection
  • Quality, cost & schedule value realization through proven tools and frameworks

Service Center Set-Ups | References

American Commercial Vehicle
Engine Manufacturer

20+ Yrs

  • Setup in 2001 with a team of 5 providing PC based diagnostic application development support
  • Ramped up to 100 members having complete software ownership (requirements till user roll-out)
  • Supporting 65,000 users worldwide in 20+ different languages
  • Partner for developing next gen. mobile/cloud-based solutions

European Premium
Passenger Car Manufacturer

7+ Yrs

  • Transformed legacy diagnostic development process to centrally managed ISO standard based process
  • Increased the overall team strength to 80 members worldwide
  • Supporting 1000 engineering users across the V-cycle (requirements, data design and authoring, verification & validation)
  • Improved content authoring productivity by 30% & software coverage (during VnV) by 90%+
  • 20+ vehicle programs per year
  • Managed 20+ suppliers while playing the lead supplier role for the OEM

North American / European
Passenger Car Manufacture

3+ Yrs

  • Global pool of experts (100+) across disciplines (requirements, architecture/design, implementation, verification and validation) to expedite SDV development
  • Defining roadmap for the diagnosis of software for safety critical systems in SDV
  • Defining strategies for verification and validation of software within SDV
  • Committed to invest in development of SDV accelerators (SOVD server stack, UDS Server stack, Diagnostic gateway, on-board predictive maintenance stack etc.)
Powered by deep domain competence and delivery excellence

Engineering & Virtualization Solutions[EVS]

A cloud-based collaborative platform for cross-functional teams and suppliers of automotive manufacturers to define, develop, author and thoroughly test, validate & verify ECU/HPC diagnostic S/W.

Streamlines diagnostic content development based on CI/CD principles

Operates on a ‘single source of truth’ premise to deal with multiple complex systems with variants & runtime dependencies

Integrates with requirements management systems for end to end traceability and increased test coverage

Enables left-shifting of development & verification through automated regression for all s/w versions and vehicle variants

KPIT’s Engineering & Virtualization Solutions | Building Blocks

Our Offerings

development: re-use,
integrate, release.
Anytime, anywhere.

Simplify your workday!

Aftersales Transformation
Solutions [ATS]

This advanced cloud-powered platform links aspects of diagnostics, guided & remote troubleshooting, service information management & prognostics into a fully integrated technician-centric solution that offers:

A centralized, data-driven & multi-platform deployable diagnostic application

Re-use of engineering/legacy data & integration of technical service information

AI-driven guided diagnostics & troubleshooting functionality for root-cause analysis & repair

An aftersales information bus that enables information flow across systems

KPIT’s Aftersales Transformation Solutions | Building Blocks

Our Offerings

We offer aftersales
solutions that intuitively
a technician across
the aftersales service &
repair lifecycle.

Our vision is to enable &
the service

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