KPIT is present where the automotive and
mobility ecosystem is transforming

KPIT in Europe

KPIT Technologies GMBH is a subsidiary of KPIT Technologies in Europe.
KPIT GMBH is headquartered in Munich, Germany and strategically setup to drive new technologies, innovation from Germany.



KPIT Technologies Inc. (US subsidiary of KPIT Technologies Ltd, Headquartered in Novi, Michigan) is a company specialized into six areas of automotive technologies: Autonomous Driving, Conventional and Electric Powertrain, Connected Vehicles, Vehicle Diagnostics, AUTOSAR and Mechatronics.

KPIT JKC - Japan, Korea, China

The only company with a sharp focus on Automotive Engineering segment through a combination of IP and Services offerings, engaged on large global programs with leading OEM, T1 and Semiconductor companies, invites you to be a part of some of the best, cutting edge technologies within AD/ADAS, Powertrain, AUTOSAR and Connected Vehicles.


KPIT Thailand

Flashed highlights:

  • Located in central Bangkok
  • E-mobility partner for Asian OEMs, Thai Government
  • Engineering hub
  • Key partnership: TGT