Navigating the complexities of automotive ISP tuning and image quality for vision-based perception systems

37 Sop Program | 56
Production projects | 20 ECU development & Integration Programs

A software integration partner to global vehicle manufactures (OEMS) and their suppliers (Tier1s) for their ADAS & AD development

We help industrialize ADAS/ Ad Software from prototype technology to production-ready solutions and help develop end to end autonomous driving platform

More than 25 OEMs & Tier1s partner with KPIT

10+ years of experience in Autonomous Driving and ADAS

3 Million Scenarios for Virtual Simulation per ISO, NHTSA, NCAP, SAE for Level 2 & L3+

Largest independent ADAS/AD engineering team of 2000 members located across India, USA Germany, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and China


Our offerings are designed to cover the entire V Cycle of a ADAS / AD production program from Prototype to production

System Engineering and Dependability

We provide System Requirement development where we derive uses cases develop ODDs and on the Functional Safety front we provide analysis, consulting and deployment

Functional Safety (ISO 26262)

Implementation of stringent processes for Safety Concept right from the beginning of development Ready assets to help accelerate the FuSa implementation

Cyber Security

End-to-end implementation of Vehicle System Cyber security in compliance with SAE J3061 Automotive Cyber security Guideline document

Architecture Development & MBSE

System engineering process derived from the aerospace industry. Robust architectures for a safe software at function ,feature or stack level.

Requirement Authoring and Validation

System Engineering Methodology to develop Architecture & Requirements

Feature, Algorithm and Software development

We develop algorithms using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Model Base Development Methodologies to industrialise software for production readiness. We provide software quality to enable production readiness.

AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision

Expertise in developing vision-based algorithms, LIDAR applications, Sensor Fusion algorithms, Localization and Situation Assessment etc

Algorithms, Clean Code

In house process for ‘Clean Code’ algorithm development. assets and algorithms that are up to 70% ready and can be customized per requirements

Model Based Dev. for control functions

Expertise in MBD development and architectures for control functions

SW Industrialization

Unique 13 step process for Software industrialization - Req. Engineering, Algorithm to Software, Safety Eng. & Embedded Optimization

Platform and Software Integration

Platform and Software Integration is a large part of our overall offering where we have expertise on porting and optimizing the software to the embedded platforms for the desired performance. We take ownership of SW Integration and making the release for production programs which includes AUTOSAR, Adaptive AUTOSAR, OS integration as well

Porting & Optimization of Algorithm to embedded Platform

Feature / Algorithm Porting & Optimization System Architecture & Partitioning Migration of Code Board Bring up

Release Management

Vendor coordination, feature planning, release dates, milestones, acceptance criteria, code integration Validation and artefact generation

Autosar, Adaptive Autosar Integration

AD/ADAS specific middleware development Customization & Configuration of AUTOSAR Integration with Classic AUTOSAR and Adaptive AUTOSAR

Integration Testing

Requirement / KPI Based Testing, Safety Testing Qualification & Acceptance Testing

Verification and Validation

We do the Requirements Based validation which is Unit & Function Testing and MIL, SIL . The key differentiation we provide here is the Scenario Based or Data Driven Validation which is done through Simulation. Additionally, we also provide Virtualization to validate the entire platform or AD Stack

Requirement Driven Verification (UT, FT, MIL, SIL)

Unit and component Test - Clean Code, TDD, Test Coverage​ Requirement base Functional Test (SIL, MIL)​ System Testing (HIL)

Data Driven Validation (Closed loop and Open Loop), Sensor Validation

Feature Validation through Closed Loop Simulation​ Sensor Validation through Open Loop Simulation ​Mileage Coverage and Digital Homologation​

Safety Validation, SOTIF

Validation against Safety and Security Scenarios and Validation against SOTIF Scenes​

ECU Testing

Safety Verification against Technical & Software Requirements, Fault Injection Test and Safety Validation Throug Analysis​

Simulation for Homologation

We have developed a comprehensive solution to ensure Homologation readiness for ADAS/AD vehicles. The solution consists of, a unique 8 Step methodology for virtual simulation, a range of accelerators, expert engineering services and strategic partnerships with industry leading tools and infrastructure providers like dSPACE and Microsoft

SIL framework

A ready cloud based SIL framework to execute millions of tests

Reprocessing virtual ECU

Automation to convert Virtual ECU with Adaptive AUTOSAR & AD Application to execute testing

Automated conversion of road data to virtual scenarios

An Automated tool to create scenarios and digital twins from real road data

Cloud managed services

Expertise on cloud based virtual simulation with millions of scenarios executed across Azure and AWS platforms

DevOps – Integration for Homologation

Deployments, CI-CD, Monitoring & HA of servers, process , systems , security and networking

Work Impact

Some of our flagship case studies done for our clients


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