Automobile is now software on the wheels. Electronics in the form of ECUs, sensors and advanced chipsets work with millions of lines of code and play a differentiating role in the automotive industry.

They enable newer business models and disrupt technology across CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) domains. However, as the role of software and data grows, so does its complexity, thus making it necessary for the automotive industry to build deep software competence.

Our Offerings


Remote Software Management

Asset Management

Predictive Analysis

Cloud AI / ML

Our Offerings

Asset (Fleet) Management

KPIT Asset Management Solution is key to unlocking the next generation of remote and monetizable services

Device Monitoring

Real time device health and performance

Data Collection

Comprehensive asset data for analytics and prediction

Integrated Analytics

Competitive edge through analytical insights

Remote Software Management

KPIT RSM is the foundation of the Software Defined Vehicle and answer to Regulatory Compliance ​

Asset Definition

Device and variant meta data and interaction model definition

SW Package Management

Software repository for OTA updates

Campaign Management

Create, Control and monitor OTA Update Campaigne

Digital Twin

Virtual interface for Device Abstraction

Predictive Maintainance

Predict remaining useful life of systems and components using data driven machine learning algorithms

Experimentation Portal

Ready functionsand dedicated environment to verify modelson proprietary data

Integrate Ready RUL Models

Get predictions out of the box on the portal

Edge Support

Our Services

From concept to implementation with cutting edge services

User Research & Usability Testing

Product ideation through design thinking

User Experience Design

KPIT Asset Management Solution is key to unlocking the next generation of remote and monetizable services

Dynamic Design System

End to end design with reusable UI flows and components

Application Lifecycle Management

KPIT built libraries

Mobile Application Development

Libraries & Frameworks supporting iOS and Android

Wide range of technologies

Application testing and deployment

Cloud to cloud intergration

End to end validation

KPIT Cloud Services

Enabling digital transformation and integration

Vehicle to cloud integration

Vehicle to cloud integration



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