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Autonomous Driving & ADAS

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Electric & Conventional Powertrain

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Connected Vehicles

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Vehicle Diagnostics

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Vehicle Engineering and Design

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Autonomous Driving & ADAS

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System engineering for highly automated driving – the safety directed design approach towards architecture definition

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System Engineering and Dependability

We provide System Requirement development where we derive uses cases develop ODDs and on the Functional Safety front we provide analysis, consulting and deployment

Functional Safety (ISO 26262)

Implementation of stringent processes for Safety Concept right from the beginning of development Ready assets to help accelerate the FuSa implementation

Functional Safety (ISO 26262)

Implementation of stringent processes for Safety Concept right from the beginning of development Ready assets to help accelerate the FuSa implementation

Functional Safety (ISO 26262)

Implementation of stringent processes for Safety Concept right from the beginning of development Ready assets to help accelerate the FuSa implementation

Functional Safety (ISO 26262)

Implementation of stringent processes for Safety Concept right from the beginning of development Ready assets to help accelerate the FuSa implementation

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Want to be a part of this TEAM?

Become part of the most strategic Autonomous driving software team

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KPIT is an independent software development and integration partner for electrification to the mobility industry. With years of experience in electrification KPIT brings global expertise and ready to use software platforms and accelerators for electric vehicle components helping OEMs and Tier1s reduce time to market.

Partner for prototype to production addressing embedded system challenges for hybrid and electric domains

Experience of over 30 production programs (xEVs) across 12 OEMs and Tier1s

Production ready software components for EVCC, CCS, GB/T, CHAdeMO and BMS

End-to-end validation partner for xEVs - SIL, MIL and HIL testing | Automation strategy

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KPIT has ready-to-use software (SW) platforms for for all Electric vehicles components (Inverter, BMS, Charger, VCU) which are AUTOSAR compliant. We enable a faster, more integrated, and sustainable approach to design and develop electric vehicles, right from Requirements Elicitation Till Validation and offer range of technologies services across the V-cycle including Functional Safety, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and OTA

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KPIT is the Best Place to Grow

Work on cutting edge technology programs of leading OEMS and Tier 1s in automotive and mobility

Work across Autonomous, Connected, Electrification, AUTOSAR, Cybersecurity, OTA technology driving mobility transformation

Robust competency development framework, Individual development plans and Mentors to bring focus on YOU

Highest numbers of promotions backed by solid performance

Collaboration with global university for technology & management master's program

Comprehensive Learning initiatives for Freshers & laterals

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Automobile is now software on the wheels. Electronics in the form of ECUs, sensors and advanced chipsets work with millions of lines of code and play a differentiating role in the automotive industry.

They enable newer business models and disrupt technology across CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) domains. However, as the role of software and data grows, so does its complexity, thus making it necessary for the automotive industry to build deep software competence.

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Software at the core

With over 100 mn lines of code, mobility ecosystem wants to build competence, strategic software partnerships

Hardware-Software disaggregation

Decoupling components for modularity; move towards centralized architecture; faster time to market; high performance computing

Software Integration challenges come to fore

Increasing complexity; software from multiple parties; multicore optimization; performance engineering; AUTSOAR, FuSa, Cybersecurity compliance

Talent that can innovate and solve complex challenges

Access to right set of competencies across the globe from within/outside mobility; upskilling and cross-skilling. Solve the problem in new areas

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Who We Are


Focused on Automotive & Mobility
Worldwide footprint with Direct presence in Germany, Americas, Japan, India, Korea, China
Only embedded software company with deep domain expertise across CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electrified) domains
Key Strategic clients and alliances in the Mobility ecosystem

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Are you...

A talented software professional with a desire to make an impact, and passionate about opportunities in the automotive and mobility domain?

An experienced Cloud/Data Science/AIML professional wanting to work on cutting-edge technology for the mobility domain?

A seasoned software professional, who can steer Digital Connected Solutions programs towards success and wants to work in a Culture of Excellence?

If your answer is yes, then you have chosen the best place to grow

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We are...

A knowledge house based on 20+ years of automotive software experience!

Having 7+ years of experience in the Digital Connected Solutions domain!

30+ vehicle programs with KPIT’s digital and Cloud connected solutions, with 8+ deployments across global OEMs

Have partnerships with leading Cloud infrastructure providers- Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure

KPIT's Cloud-based AI/ML solutions power multiple OEM programs

Having ready transformative solutions- Remote Software Management, Predictive Maintenance, and Asset Intelligence Platforms

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With us, you can...

Develop new skills and grow in the Digital Connected Solutions domain for the automotive sector!

Contribute to the new-age Cloud-based solutions: Remote Software Management, Predictive Maintenance, Asset Intelligence, and more...

Be a part of software teams working on next generation technology; get appreciated on a global canvas!

Work with and lead agile teams present across global locations for major automotive OEM and Tier 1 projects

Work on cutting-edge, futuristic software technology programs

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Welcome to the Digital Connected Solutions Domain!

CASE Trends disrupting Automotive Ecosystem

Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, Shared Mobility and Electrification (CASE) megatrends are driving the Mobility Ecosystem towards software-driven vehicles. With rising software complexity, Cloud-based connectivity and data have become catalysts.

OEMs shifting towards deep Cloud integration

This has enabled Automotive OEMs to shift towards providing customer experience with more digital touch points, new revenue sources, and subscription-based feature rollouts. Towards that end, OEMs are transitioning towards deep Cloud integration.

KPIT as DCS Partner to OEMs

KPIT’s understanding of contemporary in-vehicle architecture and experience of Cloud technology make it the right partner for OEMs to deliver secure end-to-end connected experience for end customers.

Your Role in KPIT’s DCS Team

Passionate about the Cloud, AI/ML, or Data Science domains? Lead the digital transformation of the Mobility sector with KPIT DCS Team! Work on cutting edge technology programs, while benefitting from a robust competency development framework, Individual development plans, and mentorship!

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Know more about our Digital Connected Solutions practice!

KPIT Digital Connected Solutions

Next-generation Over-the-Air (OTA) Update Solution for Automotive Applications

Cloud-based Solutions for New-Age Mobility

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The Changing Landscape for Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

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Transforming Perceptions on Over-the-air (OTA) Adoption

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OTA Software Updates: Changes Ahead

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Working with top brands in mobility

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Cloud Backend LeadDCS Hiring
5-8 years


Microservices, Java, Cloud, APIs

Preferred Skills

  • Azure
  • CI/CD
  • OOPS



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Cloud Backend DeveloperDCS Hiring
3-5 years


Microservices, Java, Cloud, APIs

Preferred Skills

  • Azure
  • CI/CD
  • OOPS



Apply Now
Cloud ArchitectDCS Hiring
10-15 years


Microservices, Cloud, Software Architecture

Preferred Skills

  • Azure
  • CI/CD
  • OOPS



Apply Now
Mobile App Lead
8-10 years


Android, Mobile Application, IOS

Preferred Skills

  • IOT
  • Communication Protocols



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C++ LeadDCS Hiring
7-13 years


C++, Linux, OOPS

Preferred Skills

  • UML
  • Automotive
  • OTA



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Innovation Awards

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Hiring engineers, technical leads, and architects with
strong C++ language proficiency

Automobiles are seeing an exponential growth in software so much so that next generation vehicles are referred to as software defined vehicle. In the entire software stack that makes up this software defined vehicles, application of C++ programming is and will be very significant.

Professionals with strong C++ competencies will find the domain on Automotive and Mobility a fascinating and challenging one to apply themselves.

If you are a professional with C++ competencies, with experience ranging from 2 years to 20 years, 100's of positions are OPEN.

KPIT is working with world’s leading Automotive OEMs and Tier 1s in building next-generation technology for autonomous , electric and connected vehicles. You will get to be a part of complex, challenging projects in these fields.

Based on your experience you will be offered a role ranging from software developer, team lead or solution architect.

You will be a part of the team that will be responsible for Requirement Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of Middleware components(a key part of the software stack in automobile) that interact with other applications like Embedded BSPs (Board Support Package) and Operating Systems (OS) like Linux, QNX, Android, and AUTOSAR.

You will design, develop Middleware components, and collaborate with global software development teams that are working on different software layers.

We understand that you may or may not have prior exposure to automotive domain. But keep your apprehensions aside. Because, as soon as you join us, we will equip you with customized training programs that will enable to understand automotive domain and be part development programs at the earliest.