5+ Mn Vehicles

successfully implemented with OTA solution

11+ Mn Vehicles

under contract

~8 Mn ECUs

across various domains successfully flashed with KPIT OTA components

100,000+ Update Cycles

proven for a single vehicle

Production-ready OTA Software Update Solution

Over-the-Air (OTA) Software updates are becoming mission-critical for new age vehicles with highly embedded driving technologies. The evolving needs of end users like information on traffic congestion, weather conditions, or locations of EV charging stations demand secure updates of software patches remotely.

OEMs also need to mitigate software recall expenses, respond faster to cybersecurity issues, maintain post-sale vehicle performance and feature enhancements, improve operational efficiencies, and increase customer convenience.

Robust, secure, and efficient ‘Full-Vehicle OTA Update Solution’ can address these OEM needs.

With 20+ years of domain expertise in automotive software engineering and understanding of vehicle software architecture, KPIT brings production-proven full-vehicle OTA software solution for Connected, Clean, and Autonomous vehicles. With an in-depth expertise and experience of Software Integration and End-to-End automated validation, KPIT can securely provide full-vehicle software updates Over-the-Air by managing in-vehicle software components, backend services, variants, and software version dependencies.

This makes KPIT the perfect transformation partner for OEMs to accelerate their OTA adoption!

Solution Features


Future ready common components for various OTA update use cases


Highly reliable A/B software updates


Variant Management for vehicle models and software version dependencies


Campaign management easily aligned with OEMs processes and policies

Components and Services

Components and Services

Business Benefits

Future ready solution for full vehicle level updates

Global presence to provide integration services across development lifecycle

Ready components that can be rapidly adopted resulting into reduction in development time and cost

Ability to integrate the solutions from partners as well as with KPIT’s own Platform

Key Attributes

  • Multi-ECU programming
  • Rapid adaptation to OEM E/E
  • Modular architecture for OEM-specific customization
  • Policy framework for OEM specific integration

Technology Use-Cases

  • Overnight vehicle software update
  • Digital twin based variant management
  • Vehicle level FOTA/SOTA update
  • Delta/Full update
  • Dual bank (A/B) software updates

OTA Updates and Data Management Solution Architecture

OTA Updates and Data Management Solution Architecture

KPIT’s OTA implementation experience snapshot

OTA implementation experience snapshot

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