A perfect storm is brewing in the device connectivity space.

Phones, tablets, watches, fitness bands and glasses, the personal connected-device realm is moving well beyond a single device.

Consumer preferences for in-car user experience are moving distinctly towards multi-device usage.

Smartphone projection, content streaming, navigation, group playlists and the new norm in a world where cars meet smartphones.

KPIT’s Konnect is a fresh take on the in-cockpit device ecosystem.

As a technology which is purpose-built from core protocol level for connecting multiple devices, Konnect opens up a fresh world of possibilities with an array of fun-and-function use cases.

Today, Konnect is powering several thousand vehicles on the road, where the infotainment experience has been transformed through multi-device connectivity.

Sourced for over 800K vehicles, Konnect works across iOS, Android smartphones over Blutetooth, WiFi, WiFi Direct, NFC, USB and other connectivity technologies.

  • 7 devices Connected at the same time
  • 800K+ Vehicles run Konnect
  • Supports iOS and Android devices
  • Suports Blutooth, WiFi, WiFi Direct, NFC and USB