Automotive OEMs deal with the operational reality of managing large teams of software engineers and strategic suppliers across multiple locations with limited physical test setups. Along with migrating thousands of legacy applications from the current environment to a new one during their journey of SDV transformation. Through ‘discipline in development and implementing a ‘left-shift’ strategy, OEMs can achieve their SDV goals


Engagements with OEMs & Tier1s


Largest team in Virtual Engineering


OEMs partnering with KPIT for their journey towards virtual vehicle validation


  • Component, Sub-System, System Virtual Test Bench
  • Virtual ECU Development
  • Cloud-based Integrated Virtual Test Environment
  • Integrated DevOps, Automation
  • Virtual Engineering Workspace


  • Co-simulation configuration library
  • Configuration Builder
  • Virtual BOM repository
  • Co-Simulation Cloud Orchestration
  • Component Models
  • Platform Pipeline Diagnostics

Architectures Supported

  • Distributed
  • Central/HPC Zonal
  • Sensor/Actuators Adaptive
  • Classic AUTOSAR

Simulation components – Virtual ECU, Plant models, test automation

Co-simulation platforms and Enabling Standards

Infrastructure and Cloud

KPIT helping OEMs realize SDV Vision with Virtual Engineering Ecosystem

KPIT implements a Virtual Engineering Ecosystem to complement OEMs and Tier1s testing strategy. Furthermore, integrated ecosystem provides accurate and stable co-simulation orchestration for thousands of concurrent users to simultaneously submit multiple test jobs, enabling test execution for a release in hours. The Environment is integrated with Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), and Continuous Testing (CT) workflows across the V cycle and provides health of the execution on the dashboard through identified KPIs.

Virtual Engineering Ecosystem aims to

Increase productivity up to 60%

Capture nearly 100% of SW defects within PI (Program Increments)

Enables 90%* test coverage on Virtual Test Environment


Higher test coverage across the V Cycle

KPIT’s Environment provides component-level virtual HIL setups and test environments for faster ECU software validation and provides up to 90%  in test coverage across the V cycle

Accelerate time to market with improved quality

The Environment is integrated with CI, CD and CT workflows across the V cycle as the catalyst for enabling quality and speed, by automating the entire software release process. Also, enabling test execution within hours instead of weeks

Continuous visibility of software quality

A Environment with 70+ KPIs distributed across Business KPIs, System KPIs, and Application KPIs to facilitate better strategic and business decision making

Integrated with leading automotive toolchains

The Environment is fully integrated with industry leading tools such as dSPACE, Vector, and Synopsys. Thus, OEMs can easily adopt it. Furthermore, OEMs can customize the Environment with their requirement-specific tools.

Integrated Offerings

Virtual Engineering workspace

A Virtual Engineering workspace is a preconfigured, cloud-based workspace that enables thousands of engineers for more efficient development and testing. Allowing users to select the optimal work environment based on their role and type of work from an available workspace catalog, integrated with required tools and workflows on demand.

On demand Environment setup for efficient development and testing.

Enables collaboration across global teams and multiple parties

CI/CD/CT Pipeline

As work artifacts are committed from Virtual Engineering Workspace, preconfigured pipelines are triggered for build and test execution, displaying KPIs to users providing health of the execution on the dashboard

KPIs providing health of the execution

KPIs generated by executing 200+ pipelines

Ensures on-time program completion

Provides continuous visibility of software quality with 70+ KPIs

Virtual Test Environment

KPIT’s cloud-based Virtual Test Environment enables faster-integrated testing across the V Cycle, improving time to market, efficiency, and software quality by focusing on standard-based end-to-end processes. This Virtual Test Environment enables uniformity and reusability by integrating off-the-shelf and OEM-specific tools. Distributed Co-Simulation allows for the simulation of multiple operating systems and a faster execution speed.

Supports Test execution at the component, feature, controller, and vehicle levels.

Environment diagnostics to monitor test execution at scale

On-demand scaling and parallel processing

Simulation environment Off-board Services

The validation of software outside the vehicle is also extremely important. A simulated vehicle with production intent software executed on Virtual Test Environment can be used for offboard development and validation. In addition, the overall environment supports end-to-end validation of SDV features, which combines the interaction of the user with the offboard cloud and then the vehicle itself

Enables simulation of 10,000 vehicles with production intent software for offboard development. and validation.

Enables 100K users profile Simulation

Supports end-to-end validation of SDV features

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