Product organizations resort to Value Engineering and Value Analysis (VA-VE) when there is a need to re-examine legacy products or benchmark their products against the competition. Having worked with a number of customers on several VA-VE programs, KPIT has developed extensive expertise, backed by a thorough understanding of the methodologies and techniques involved in maximizing product value.VA-VE methodologies can be applied during any stage of a product’s development cycle, although the greatest benefits and resource savings are typically achieved early, during the conceptual stage of the process. KPIT’s unique VA-VE solutions are built on a holistic approach to value engineering and can be applied to a large spectrum of product lines.

Key Highlights for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines

  • Implemented ideas yielded annual cost savings exceeding $11 million
  • 40,000+ parts analyzed for complex assemblies
  • 1500+ unique ideas generated for Mechanical and Electrical sub-systems
  • Cost analysis of 800+ parts