Today KPIT is a global organization recognised as the leading Independent Software Integration Partner for the Mobility Ecosystem.

Leading automakers partner with KPIT to accelerate their Software Defined Vehicle technology roadmap. There is a history spanning over three decades that has made this possible.
Have you ever wondered where our story started and what's the journey so far?
If so, let us transport you to our humble beginnings, where the threads of our narrative were first woven. How we grew from a couple of visionaries to an organization with over 11,000 people.

The beginning of the journey

Between the late 1980s and early 1990s, Pune emerged as a hotbed for early startups and technology companies.

During this period, the idea of KPIT was born out of deep passion and ambition to create a firm of global repute by 2 chartered accountants Mr. Ravi Pandit and Mr. Kishor Patil . They both were partners in a respected firm, Kirtane and Pandit Charted Accountants.This firm was founded by late Shri. B R Pandit in 1950s.They were joined soon by Shirish Patwardhan and Sachin tikekar as co-founders.

Initially business was incubed as a part of CA firm and later on hived off into a separate company KPIT.

KPIT started as an offshoot of the chartered accountancy firm, but soon pursued an independent charter with long lasting vision and global ambition. It focused on innovation and seizing opportunities by jumping into the technology sector head-first.

The journey starts taking shape powered by many impactful milestones | Focus on select verticals, Investment in Tech, Client & Delivery Focus persists (1999-2013)

Through the initial years, KPIT Infosystems built its strong foundation of focus on limited verticals and developing technology solutions.

The big milestone for KPIT came in 1999 with its IPO annoucement. It received overwhelming response getting oversubscribed 50 times.

In 2002, Cummins Engineeing & IT arm formed a collaboration with KPIT leading to KPIT Cummins Infosystems formulation. This entity focussed on embedded software and digital transformation in the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

Between 2002-2013, KPITs client base expanded. Competencies in Engineering specially for automotive took shape.

Companies like CG Smith, TVS Harita Mechanical Engineering Team, in2Soft Diagnostics of Germany were acquired a became a part of the KPIT family. These added significantly to KPITs engineering roadmap.

Foray into mobility products, Strengthening of mobility domains and digital transformation (2013-2018)

In 2013, KPIT Cummins Infosystems became KPIT Technologies.

KPIT forayed into mobility software products like : REVOLO (hybrid electric vehicle tech) ; Intelligent Transporation Systems (to cater to needs of smart cities, fleet operators) ; Maximus Pro ( for adventure enthusiasts who used two-wheelers)

Many recognitions from global organizations for Innovation and Sustainability Marked this period – United Nations; UITP; NASSCOM being a few.

Our global presence expanded during this period. Companies like Microfuzzy, IKV joined our family.

In 2018, KPIT announced its most significant step to sharpen its focus on automotive and mobilty. KPIT and Birlasoft would merge an demerge to create 2 entitites. In the process, KPIT devested over 70% of its business demonstrating aspirations to become a leader in automotive software across the globe

The dawn of Brand New KPIT (2019 and beyond)

Post merger-demerger, KPIT took on a new avatar. Despite being 30-40% of its size in 2018, the focus, the zeal for being a leader in automotive and mobility software, passion to take on big goals and shed all legacy was demonstrated multi-fold.

KPITs new vision, mission and purpose was unveiled across the globe. Every KPIT embarked on a vision of Reimagining Mobility with You for creation of a cleaner, smarter and safer world!

KPIT in its new avatar was listed on the India stock exchanges.

KPIT unveiled into Brand New Corporate Identity

We build Scale and Competency across Global Centers of Excellence

KPIT consistently strengthened presence across the globe | KPIT moved to a brand new and and beautiful campus in Pune, India | Inaugurated a new software engineering center in Europe | Moved to a new campus in Michigan, USA, strengthened presence in Brazil | Expansion in India at Bangalore and Kochi | Strengthening presence in Thailand and Japan.

More niche and specialized organizations joined the KPIT family

Global mobility leaders' partner with KPIT to accelerate towards software defined vehicles

KPIT to accelerate Honda’s transformation towards Software-Defined Mobility

The partnership in mid to long term will expand to over 2,000 Software and Vehicle System Professionals from KPIT across the globe to power Honda’s SDM roadmap until year 2030 and beyond.

Renault Group selects KPIT as a strategic technology partner for next generation Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) program

KPIT software scope in the Renaults’s SDV programs will encompass contributions for ADAS, Chassis, Body Electronics, Platforms, Systems Engineering, and Vehicle validation.

KPIT & ZF join hands to promote an independent company “QORIX”

QORIX will build on the expertise and relevant IPs of KPIT and ZF to develop open and scalable automotive middleware platforms and solutions for the mobility ecosystem

We received multiple prestigious recognitions for leadership and technology

The exciting journey continues…