The Smart Harness system is suitable for use in a wide spectrum of vehicles ranging from military, mining and public transport vehicles to industrial and earthmoving equipment. It provides a simplistic harness which is compact, easy to install and maintain, while harness design changes could be implemented with system’s built-in diagnostic capability and standardized components for all vehicle type Having worked with a number of customers on several Smart harness programs. KPIT’s unique smart harness solutions are built on a holistic approach and can be applied to a large spectrum of product lines.

Smart harness Benefits:

  • Fuse boxes can be eliminated
  • The electronic fuses can be reset
  • Timer relays are not necessary
  • Short circuit and over temperature protection of the unit, loads and wiring.
  • Ease of installation, maintenance and expansion
  • Standardized harness components
  • Customizable vehicle body control functions
  • Harness compatible to all vehicle types
  • CAN port i.e. interfacing to CAN bus J1939 protocol
  • PC-based configuration software
  • Configurable current limits per ECM output
  • Improved safety by real-time fault reporting