Mini Cooper Contest
The drawing of a Mini Cooper among Opera users is a bright event per se. If it is presented with bright banners, a lot of people will be attracted to participate in the drawing. That is what we developed in these banners: trendy gradients and dynamic composition convey the mood and engage in taking part.
Opera Touch for iOS
In the new bold advertising campaign, Opera offers its users to stand out from the crowd. The emphasis is on contrasting metaphoric images: the gray sheep contrast to the bright personalities. Our task is to convey this idea with the help of cute, memorable illustrations. The composition based on the golden ratio directs the users attention while the color palette controls their mood.
Benefits campaign
As you know, we are experienced in creating vivid illustrations. They are aimed at catching attention, and then it's up to the advertising message. Users have many reasons to use Opera browser, and for each of them, we have created an advertisement! Catch the attention give the arguments to get a new download.