Millions of tourists arrive in cities on New York, Chicago, San Francisco & others in USA, every year to visit popular attractions, get views of the skyline and listen to interesting stories about the city. Several tourists choose to use hop on hop off buses as a means to get around the city and get great views of the skyline. At times, the experience of these tours are spoilt by adverse weather conditions.

One of the OEMs supplying buses for such tour companies approached KPIT mechanical engineering team to design a system that could be installed on need basis in case of rain/ snow/ excess sunlight. Our team worked on designing the entire transparent canopy system for the open top buses, that are easy to install, safe and can be stowed at convenience.

This ensured the tour companies could use it in case of rain / shine while the tourists get uninterrupted views of the cities in USA.

KPIT has similarly worked with several bus and coach makers over the years to design more than 150 variants of single decks, double decks, coaches and electric buses.

The work ranges from conceptualising the exteriors, to smartening up the interiors and ensuring the vehicle systems such as chassis, batteries are designed in optimal way.

  • 40+ Single Deck Variants
  • 50+ Double Deck Variants
  • 30+ Coach Single Deck  Variants
  • 3 Coach Double Deck variants
  • 10+ Hybrid Variants
  • 5 Electric Bus variants