Complex products, different variants, multiple suppliers and compliance to standards have created multifold implications for OEMs and Tier1s. Increase in number of system requirements and complexity in architecture have led to various challenges such as quality, traceability, impact analysis, maintainability and collaboration.

A Model Based System Engineering approach helps in overcoming aforesaid challenges.

  • Early detection of missing requirements (~10%), Enabling up to 50% reduction in development time
  • Improved test coverage with efficient FMEA

Challenges & Concerns During System Development

Engineering Team
  • Too much information scattered in multiple artefacts
  • Lack of systematic information flow from one level to another
  • Poor or no upstream/downstream traceability within engineering data
  • Missing use cases/scenarios and hence lack of requirement completeness
Management Team
  • Difficult to maintain and manage information flow within teams
  • Poor team productivity
  • Lack of confidence in 100% traceability & coverage
  • More time and cost for fixing specification defects at later stage
A Model Based System Engineering Approach Helps in developing each system is developed first time right