Our KPIT ventilator is engineered with the best national as well as international benchmark parameters and features and is designed to be portable, robust, user-friendly and safe to provide support during the entire spectrum of need, from
ambulances to ICUs.

Adding to our engineering expertise is our collaborative team of best-in-field partners that include expertise in equipment manufacturing from Accurate Industrial controls Pvt. Ltd. & ergonomic design of medical equipment from Design Directions, along with the support of Department of Technology, University of Pune.

  • Upgraded version
    Compressor compatible

  • Base version
    AMBU bag compatible

The ventilator would be available in two models called, Vyoman (base model with AMBU bag) and Vyoman Plus (compressor compatible model) and is the only such versatile ventilator currently available. With calibrations and certifications completed from NABL accredited laboratories, the units are tested, reviewed and validated by multiple doctors across several hospitals and with that, the KPIT ventilator is all ready to go into full production.

Our years of expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering along with embedded software has been the pillar of strength to enable a top-notch, fully functional, uncompromised solution. In addition, most of our components are locally sourced supporting the made-in-india drive, and leading to an excellent and timely after-sales support system.

Vyoman represents KPIT’s contribution towards critical care during the current trying times and lends a ray of hope towards a better, safer world.

  • Our team who worked tirelessly on our ventilator with our chairman Ravi Pandit

  • KPIT Technologies innovates versatile ventilators called "Vyoman"

Key features


Tidal Volume:


100ml – 800ml

*50ml- 2000ml




Assist – Volume Control Assist – Pressure Control

*Synchronized intermittent mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) – Volume Control

*Synchronized intermittent mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) – Pressure Control






Fraction of Inspired O2 concentration: Provision to connect O2 supply. FiO2 % to be controlled externally

Peak pressure: 0 – 50 cmH2O
Respiratory Rate: 0-60 bpm
PEEP: 0-30 cmH2O (increment of 0.5cmH2O)
I:E ratio: 1:4 to 4:1 (increment of 0.1)
Exhaled volume measurement
Power: Single phase 220VAC/110VAC 50/60Hz

Battery : Provision to connect 24V DC External Battery.

Seamless changeover between power source

Exhaled air virus filter included (Electrostatic filter HME) Onboard Display : IP66, 7 inch Multicolor backlit, Graphical Display Communication : USB port, Ethernet (TCP/IP), RS232/485
Microprocessor based system: Expandable Memory for Data logging : 4GB to 32GB
*Remote monitoring through Smartphone Application
Configurable Alarms with

Audio Visual Indication:

Auto/Manual Reset, Action on Alarm Self-Test

Power supply

Peak Inspirator Pressure

Low Inspiratory Pressure (Airway disconnection) PEEP > Set PEEP for n Consecutive cycles

VTi < Set VT * 0.75 for 6 consecutive cycles Respiratory Rate

System Faults: Memory, Temperature

*FiO2 < Set FiO2 for n consecutive cycles

*SPO2 < Set SPO2 value (Normally 90%) (Optional)

Vital components inactive

Graphics mode for Display and monitoring of Set and Actual parameters Set parameters: Respiration Rate, Tidal Volume, PEEP, I:E, Pressures, Flow, Apnea, FiO2 etc.

Actual parameters: *Scalars (Volume/Pressure/Flow Vs time),

*Loops (Flow/Pressure Vs Volume),

*Calculated Values (Inspiratory, Expiratory Pauses) etc

Robust design suitable for 24×7 operation of more than 21 days
Power On self-test
Easy to service, uses standard easily available medical components
Can be interfaced with *AMBU bag (Base Model), *External Compressor, *Blower/Turbine
*Provision to connect external Nebulizer
*Provision for High Flow Oxygen just before the HME
*OTA (over-the-air) Upgrade of system software upgrade
Suitable for prone position. ( Head cushion available as accessory)
*Solution applicable for invasive as well as non-invasive Ventilation
Data logging, Alarms log and event logs supported
*Remote monitoring and fine adjustments through a smart phone
User interface: Mirrors the interface that doctors are comfortable with and use regularly
Portable and versatile: The product can be used in hospitals, ambulances, make-shift quarantine areas as well as at home by patients


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