Education and Competency Development (ECoDe)- ‘Unlocking the Human Capital Code’

KPIT believes in investing in human capital, an element that defines the organization’s veracity and versatility within the business sphere. Industry aligned applied education model helps define a blueprint to provide high-quality education and pedagogy to discerning employees through initiatives marshaled by the ECoDe unit. Blessed with a skill-variant talent pool across niche technology and business areas, KPIT has adopted a unique three-phase approach that brings in a fresh perspective towards Education & Competency development.The five business critical initiatives abridged under ECoDe are:

ECode Pace

Through strategic Industry – academia-based partnerships with 20 premier institutions across India, our Program for Academic Collaboration and Engagement (PACE) initiative believes in the adage of “catch them young,” by attracting quality talent from campuses to associate with brand KPIT. This is done by drafting industry relevant courses and extensive training of 90+ faculty members (from these partner institutes) under this industry-academia model. Every student will undergo KPIT offered elective while they are in their final semester to make them industry and KPIT Ready.

ECode Genesis

The objective of this program is to make all the Graduate Engineering Trainees (GET) & Graduate Non-Engineering Trainees (GNET) project ready and aligned to different practices of SBUs. This is a mandatory 8-10 weeks in house training program that fresh engineer will undergo. The whole program is devised on Problem/Project based learning and taught by respective Academies and practicing engineers.

ECode Kaizen

To cater to the prerogative of lifelong learning which is the need of the hour, this role-based certification program looks at streamlining SBU practices with certification and prowess honing skills across Technology, Project Management, Domains, Processes, Soft Skills, and Leadership Development for employees at various experience levels. This allows them to move on to the next level in their career paths.

ECode Leadership Development Institute

Developing professional skills at multiple stages of career is a critical need of business leaders today. The KPIT Leadership Institute focuses on developing five core competencies – Communication Excellence, Professional Excellence, People Leadership, Client Centricity, and Personal Excellence for employees at various stages of the career. Identifying the leaders of tomorrow from multiple grades of employees, calls for a specially devised program that cover the above competencies through blended learning, coaching, mentoring & action learning projects. . Based upon a multi-tiered pyramid model, LDP operates on multiple sub-modules owned exclusively by the Executive Leadership Team and Members of the Board, fortifying potential candidates towards accelerated career augmentation.


Project Management is one of the critical functions of any organization which ensures on-time, in-budget, in-quality deliveries, at the same time meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Keeping this goal in mind ECoDe team came up with a Project and Program Management Competency Development (PMDP) program for associates who are currently playing the role of Project Lead, Project Manager, Sr. Project Manager and Program Manager. The PMDP framework is well aligned with the international standard such as PMI PMP®. Programs are classified as per the grades and are called Foundation, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. These programs are being developed in collaboration with IIM’s & top business schools.

In addition to the above, unique programs on coaching, mentoring through the inner circle of subject matter specialists and distinguished Speaker Series, (both internal and external from varied fields) are conducted to provide a window to the outside world and help us keep up with industry innovations and developments.