About AD Practice at KPIT

A software integration partner to global vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers (Tier1s) for their ADAS & AD development. We help industrialize ADAS & AD software from prototype technology to production-ready solutions and help develop end to end autonomous driving platform
With more than 12 years of experience a global team of 2000 engineers has executed 37 sop program, 56 production projects and 20 ECU development & integration programs for more than 25 OEMs & Tier1s

Our Offerings

We provide comprehensive software solutions and engineering services for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles ranging from Feature Development, System Engineering, Functional Safety, Platform Development, Software Integration, Simulation and Cloud activities. The team works with cutting edge technologies like AI, ML, DL, Computer Vision, Cloud Computing and Virtual Validations. Numerous accelerators have been developed help our clients optimize time and cost for e.g., Ready ADAS/ AD algorithms, more than 3 million road scenarios for virtual validation ready libraries in the System Engineering and Safety domains

Autonomous Driving Team in Munich

Based at our development center in Munich Germany a team of more 120 engineers from the Autonomous Driving practice are developing ADAS/AD solutions for multiple European OEMs including BMW.

Global Autonomous Driving