In-vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) systems are evolving.

As people look to get maximum out of their in-car experience IVI becomes, quite literally, the primary touchpoint for next generation of human machine interface.

Underlying the next-gen HMI, is a hotbed of technologies.

From robust middleware to intelligent architecture design, from smartphone connectivity to  cyber security – IVI is the place where it all happens.

Carmakers across the globe continually pursue IVI as an important mode to deliver differentiated experiences across their vehicle models.

KIVI (KPIT’s In Vehicle Infotainment) is a response to the increasing need of next-gen IVI, where we shift the treatment of IVI as not just a system but a modern cockpit experience.

KIVI is a production-grade, Linux based infotainment middleware that brings benefits of platform approach – cost, quality and cycle-time improvement – to the design and development of modern cockpit experiences.

Today, more than 5 million vehicles of leading global car brands use KIVI as their infotainment middleware.

  • 5+ Million vehicles
  • 1200+ features
  • Multiple geographies
  • Multiple vehicle networks
  • Runs on multiple IVI hardware