Accelerate Electric Vehicle Application Development On AURIXTM
TC4x – With Infineon And KPIT

  • AURIXTM TC4x family with up to 5x TriCoreTM v1.8 lockstep
  • PPU for accelerated matrix operations supporting parallel processing
  • Peripherals optimized for xEV real-time applications (e.g. HR-PWM)
  • Production ready CDDs for Inverter, BMS, Charger (OBC/DC-DC)
  • Configurable options for CDD parameters through KPIT configuration tool.
  • Application development (MBD) and Integration of MCAL/BSW/ASW as per AUTOSAR
  • Service execution support across the globe
  • Functional Safety Compliance
    (ASIL A-D)
  • ASPICE compliant development
  • CDD – Complex Device Drivers
  • HR-PWM – High-Resolution Pulse Width Modulation
  • PPU – Parallel Processing Unit
  • OBC – Onboard Charger
  • BMS – Battery Management System

Solution Highlights

Save upto 70% of CDD development time using KPIT accelerators

Ready to use modules to accelerate CDD development

Enhanced Generic Time Module (eGTM)

Synchronized PWMs for Inverter/DC-DC

Configure ADC trigger for synchronized current conversion

Initialize /run via PPU core

Time Multiplexed ADC (TMADC)

Simultaneous measurement of Analog channels

EOC interrupt

Initialize via TriCore™

Read results on PPU core via LLI interface

Delta Sigma ADC

Configurable Resolver carrier generation

Configure filters, rectifiers for resolver signal demodulation

Initialize / run via PPU core


User Manual and Support Material

Functional Safety Support Material

High Level Architecture Overview

Validate your CDD Module with Virtual Validation using VDK and compare results with Hardware testing results

Typical Test-Setup


VDK helps you accelerate time to market

  • Early validation of application code (ASW) and CDDs is possible using Synopsys® VDK environment
  • Seamless integration of CDDs in both AUTOASR, Non-AUTOSAR platforms
    1. Higher configurability to use the HW features
    2. Model based development support

KPIT is your integration partner

  • End-to-end support
    1. Development of application solutions
    2. Customization of components
    3. AUTOSAR Tooling

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