Integrating the various components provided by multiple
players and ensuring that they comply with
OEM Production Software and Hardware Qualification
requirements is the responsibility of a Software Integrator

ECUs | Operating Systems | Device Drivers | AD stack | AUTOSAR Stack | Application Software | Functional Safety

Smooth integration of Software and Hardware components in your ADAS/AD programs requires expertise on:

  • Embedded Services i.e. Porting & Optimization
  • Middleware (Adaptive, Classic AUTOSAR) Customization & Configuration
  • Integration of Application with Middleware or Full Software Stack with Hardware
  • Verification & Validation at various levels (SIL, MIL, HIL, Virtual ECU, Virtual Simulation, Safety)
  • Customization / Enhancement of Continous Integration Framework (CI) as per Program requirements
  • Build & Release Management

Our Offerings

Software Integration

  • Application integration with Middleware
  • Full Stack Integration
  • ECU Integration
  • Build and Release Management

Integration Testing

  • Requirement / KPI Based Testing
  • Safety Testing
  • Qualification & Accpetance Testing

Middleware (Adaptive / Classic AUTOSAR)

  • AD/ADAS specific middleware development
  • Customization & Configuration of AUTOSAR
  • Integration with Classic AUTOSAR and Adaptive AUTOSAR

Embedded Services

  • Feature / Algorithm Porting & Optimization
  • System Architecture & Partitioning
  • Migration of Code
  • Board Bring up

A snapshot of our expertise

Software Integration

Full Stack, ECU & Application integration. Testing & integration in the emulated/virtual environment and in the HIL Environment

Build and Release Management

Vendor coordination, feature planning, release dates, milestones, acceptance criteria, code integration Validation and artefact generation

Continuous Integration Framework

Expertise for enhancement, deployment and modifications of CI frameworks.

Integration Test

Testing the integrated software provided by multiple vendors to ensure production compliance and qualification criteria.

Application integration

Expertise to integrate third party / OEM application to standard (Adaptive, Classic) or proprietary AD stacks.

Middleware (AUTOSAR, Adaptive)

Expertise on Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR as well as support to create customized Middleware.

Our assets and accelerators


Continuous Integration framework for automatic SW integration

SW Release Planning & Coordination

Large experience of development processes of OEM, Tier1 helps plan & Coordinate faster and better

SW Integration Build Environment & CI

Hands on experience of SW Build and CI Framework , integration of various OEM, Tier1 specific tools

Platform &

Deeper understanding of various SoC for realtime performance optimization, resource measurement & optimization, integration of multiple features

Quicker SW integrationcycles

Ready & adaptable SW Architecture, Interface definitions and Interface simulations with stubs

Verification &

Experience of Automating most of the Smoke test & acceptance testing and KPI based testing


Ready checklists and libraries for analysis and identification of root cause and or approach for mitigation

KPIT ADAS/AD Software Integration programs

Expertise on Multicore and Embedded

Porting of ADAS / AD Algorithms to Multicore Platform

System Architecture, Partitioning & Distribution

Board Bring up of prototype hardware’s

Optimization of code to achieve real time performance

Migration of code from one platform to another

Our semiconductor - partnerships

We invest in building expertise on various platforms which helps us expedite development cycle for our customers. We help customers benchmark and choose a suitable platform based on applications

Texas Instruments

TDA2, TDA3, TDA2P, TDA4xx, AWR1243


Jetson TK1, TX1 , NVIDIA Drive


Intel Go, Intel Denverton


ZYNQ, Zynq 70xx, Ultrasacle MPSoc


AURIX, AURIX TC27x, TC29x, TC39x




BCM89103, BCM89109

Case Studies

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