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August 2021                                                           


KPIT gets featured in the EETimes by leading automotive analyst Egil Juliussen

With the CASE trends dominating mobility, all major OEMs are implementing OTA (Over-the-Air) updates for their connected vehicles. With key changes in the automotive OTA software market, new regulations are required for OTA and cybersecurity.

In his EE-Times column, Dr. Egil Juliussen, leading international analyst on the automotive market, discusses the changes occurring in the OTA market, the outlook for OTA in the near future, and the key OTA players currently in the market, including KPIT.

"KPIT's cloud platform is focused on managing the large software and hardware dependencies among the many software platforms. Those dependencies include the variations OEMs must account for as they deploy OTA across models, brands, and regions."

CLICK HERE to read the article.


Mr. Anup Sable in conversation with BloombergQuint – ‘How vehicles would transform into consumer devices?’

Mr. Anup Sable, CTO, KPIT, in a conversation with Mr. Niraj Shah, Markets Editor, BloombergQuint, shared KPIT's tech support for the automobile industry & how cars would transform into consumer devices from vehicles of mobility.

As the role of software has increased in modern vehicles, refactoring the automotive software to the new architecture is becoming more crucial. Companies like KPIT who support clients in this transformation, have significant work to do. He also discussed how cars are now becoming a consumer device instead of just being known for mobility.

This interview was streamed Live on BloombergQuint's YouTube channel. BloombergQuint is an Indian business and financial news organization covering areas like the economy, international finance, corporate law & governance and business news.

CLICK HERE to watch the telecast.


KPIT's Pune campus goes 'SOLAR'

KPIT has the vision to reimagine mobility for the creation of a cleaner, smarter & safer world. KPIT is doubling down on a cleaner world even in its day-to-day operations. KPIT campus went all Green with sustainable energy and hence reducing its carbon footprint.

KPIT has now installed a solar energy plant at the Pune campus, producing 960 thousand power units annually. This initiative will contribute to reducing 800 Tonnes of Carbon Emissions annually. The excess electricity generated will be fed to the Distribution Company (MSEDCL) grid.

With this installation, KPIT became the first Indian company to set up a solar power plant within its facility located out of an SEZ unit.


Decoding OEM strategies for the next decade

Last month, multiple OEMs such as Volkswagen Group, Volvo Cars, Stellantis, and Mercedes-Benz announced their future business plan to dominate the automotive industry in the coming years. They are betting big on electrification, autonomous driving, connected vehicles, battery & charging, and new vehicle platforms.

Stellantis & Mercedes-Benz are working on solid-state battery technology to power their future electric vehicles. In contrast, VW is working on backward integration strategies to design & manufacture batteries with partners. Moreover, these OEMs are strengthening their in-house software capabilities for faster and more flexible vehicle development. As a software integration partner to the mobility industry, this opens up huge opportunities for KPIT. 

KPIT is dedicated to work on these areas with leading OEMs and be a world leader in mobility.


KPIT’s article got published in HanserAutomotive – Fuzz Testing on UDS over CAN

KPIT is leveraging HANSERautomotive as a thought leadership platform to share the latest technology updates & trends. The magazine recently published an article on “Fuzz Testing on UDS over CAN,” authored by Ajey Gotkhindikar, Subject Matter Expert – Automotive Cybersecurity, KPIT.

Unified Diagnostic Services is a standard that is used to transfer data to and from ECUs. The OBD-II port is connected to one or more communication buses for diagnostic purposes. The easy access to the OBD port makes it possible to send malicious UDS packets in order to exploit the weak points in ECUs. A fuzzing concept is intended to identify invalid data or hidden weak points.

CLICK HERE to read the article


KPIT at Tech Innovation Conclave 2021

Nishant Tholiya, Vice President, Global Head - Electric Mobility and Conventional Powertrain, KPIT, will be a panelist at Tech Innovation Conclave 2021, organized by NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies).

The theme for the panel discussion is 'Drive to a Sustainable World', where Nishant will share insights on design optimization of power electronics and controls for electric vehicles. He will also discuss how KPIT is working on ground break futuristic technologies for a sustainable future.


Ecode introduces a Brand new Integrated Learning Framework!

ECoDe has brought up a brand new Integrated Learning Framework to make learning more exciting. This revamped learning framework is expected to give you a more engaging and knowledgeable experience. Earlier employees had to achieve minimum credit targets to get certified for a Kaizen cycle.

However, from now onwards, the Kaizen credit points will not be mandatory. Instead, Competency Heatmap will be used as a measure of progress for individuals' learning.

In addition to this, every training completed by employees with assessments will earn learning points and help measure individuals' learning velocity.


KPITians in Germany get together for a Barbeque event

KPITians in Germany came together for a Barbeque event. This was the first time that KPITians met in person since the new Software Engineering Center opening in Munich, Germany. The KPITians barbequed food together, ate ice creams and enjoyed the vibes. Only the fully vaccinated, recovered, and people with negative COVID reports could attend the event.


KPITians in Thailand receive custom die-cut pillows as birthday gifts

Our team in Thailand is working on some of the cutting-edge programs in electric powertrain software with leading mobility companies.

KPIT delivered custom die-cut pillows and well wishes cards as birthday gifts to KPITians in Thailand born in May, June, and July months.

KPITians were pleasantly surprised by this special birthday gift. They shared some of that surprise and joy through these pictures. Such instances of sharing the joy make us march further towards our mission of being the best place to grow.



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