Smart Automated Validation of Cockpit Display ECUs & Connected Services

KITE is KPIT’s solution for automated validation of HMI/Display oriented ECUs along with the connected devices and connected services. KITE validates the ECU either individually or in an integrated manner with multiple other cockpit and non-cockpit (ADAS ,Body control etc.) ECUs.

KITE’s intuitive codeless automation using function blocks enables 3x to 5x increase in engineering productivity, high reusability of test assets within and across programs and thus upto 50% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

KITE is currently being used in validation of 20 production program across IVI, Cluster, HUD & RSE

Reimagine your automated validation with KITE for higher productivity, increased quality, reduced cycle-time and reduced cost.


Multi-domain Automated Validation

Codeless Automation Using Function Blocks

Drag-Drop Test Case Development

Cloud Based Test Assets

Remote Execution & Monitoring

Dashboard & Reporting


Increase Engineering Productivity by up to 5X

Increase Automation Coverage by up to 95%

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by up to 50%

Automation by KITE



Download Brochure & Datasheet


Download IVI Functional Testing Case Study


Download System Integration Testing Case Study


Download Stability Testing Case Study


Download HUD Functional Testing Case Study


Download Cluster Functional Testing Case Study

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