Munich, Germany Technology Stack Safety plan and DIA ISO26262 assessments Functional Safety Release Recommendations Safety

München, Deutschland


  • Safety plan and DIA
  • ISO26262 assessments
  • Functional Safety Release Recommendations
  • Safety Cases
  • Experience in ePowerTrain, HPEV, EMI/EMC
  • Experience in ISO 26262-Engineering
  • Experience in quality norms
  • IBM Rational Doors
  • HP ALM
  • Jira
  • Configuration Management (SVN)

Brief Description
Safety Engineer is responsible to set principles, framework, processes and measures to release an item free of from unreasonable risk when operated in an intended context as per ISO 26262.


  • Coordinate the safety activities for a project safety development.
  • Coordinate the safety activities (ISO-26262:2 6 & ISO-26262:4 5).
  • Responsible for Safety Plan.
  • Responsible for DIA.
  • Responsible for the component safety timing.
  • Monitor and control the safety activities according safety plan and/or DIA.
  • Escalate deviation to the safety plan and/or DIA.
  • Monitor parties and suppliers that deliver the work products on time.
  • Get metrics about the status of the safety activities.
  • Report periodically the status of activities.
  • Gather safety cases and safety release recommendation.
  • Impact analysis of processes open points.
  • Responsible the component safety release recommendation.
  • Contact partner for audit/assessment topics.
  • Coordinate the audit and confirmation review activities (ISO-26262:2 6).
  • Responsible for safety audit/assessment plan.
  • Responsible for safety audits.
  • Responsible for analyze the processes open points and provide possible solutions.
  • Responsible for any template.
  • Perform the safety audits.
  • Perform the release recommendations.
  • Review the release recommendations. Review the requirement for the correctness and completeness against input requirements and ISO26262.

Tasks of the Job

  • Daily communication with customers and suppliers
  • Monitor the safety activities based on safety plan and DIA
  • Assess the project as per ISO-26262
  • List, report and monitor any safety deviation
  • Produce Functional Safety Release Recommendations and Safety Cases

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