If you are a Passionate Software Developer within Automotive or
Adjacent Domains and Experience Ranging from 2 to 20 years,
100s of positions are now OPEN.

Automobiles are seeing an exponential growth in software, so much so that next-generation vehicles are referred to as software-defined vehicles. In the entire software stack that makes up software-defined vehicles, application of various software and programming skillsets will be very significant.

Professionals with strong competencies and a background in software will find Automotive and Mobility a fascinating and challenging domain.

KPIT is working with the world’s leading Automotive OEMs and Tier-1s in building next-generation technology for autonomous, electric, and connected vehicles. You will get to be a part of complex, challenging projects in these fields.

Based on your experience you will be offered a role ranging from software developer, team lead, or solution architect.

You will be a part of the team that will be responsible for Requirement Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of Middleware components (a key part of the software stack in automobile) that interact with other applications like Embedded BSPs (Board Support Package) and Operating Systems (OS) like Linux, QNX, Android, and AUTOSAR.

You will collaborate with global software development teams that are working on different software layers.

Skills and Competencies

C++-Experte (Entwickler, technischer Leiter, Architekt)
2-20 Jahre


Functional Safety, Linux, QNX, C++, POSIX OS, Ethernet, CI/CD, DevOps, REST, Agile development, ROS

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Embedded C-Experte (Entwickler, technischer Leiter, Architekt)
2-20 Jahre


Functional Safety, Embedded C, AUTOSAR, Ethernet, CI/CD, Agile development, RTOS

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Can’t find the right fit
for your skillset?

We also have open positions in other domains such as Cloud, Data Science, AI/ML,
Diagnostics, and more, requiring a wide range of skillsets.

Interested to know more? Share your details here and we’ll reach out!

KPIT is the BEST PLACE TO GROW for top talent who wish to be a part of the Automotive and Mobility software revolution. 100s of professionals from domains like telecom, medical electronics, gaming, and other domains have joined us in recent months and happy with the domain switch.

KPIT ist der beste Ort zum Wachsen

Arbeiten Sie an hochmodernen Technologieprogrammen führender OEMs und Tier 1s in den Bereichen Automotive und Mobilität

Arbeiten Sie an autonomen, vernetzten, Elektrifizierungs-, AUTOSAR-, Cybersicherheits- und OTA-Technologien, um die Mobilitätstransformation voranzutreiben

Robuster Kompetenzentwicklungsrahmen, individuelle Entwicklungspläne und Mentoren, um den Fokus auf SIE zu lenken

Höchste Anzahl an Beförderungen, unterstützt durch solide Leistung

Zusammenarbeit mit dem Masterprogramm der Global University for Technology & Management

Umfassende Lerninitiativen für Studienanfänger und Quereinsteiger

Zusammenarbeit mit Top-Marken aus der Mobilitäts-Branche

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