The As-Is | Diagnostic development life-cycle & prevalent gaps

In typical OEM set-ups, diagnostics requirement data is managed in proprietary data formats, and is used across OEM departments, in addition to Tier X suppliers & tool vendors.

Diagnostic development life-cycle

Ideally, a development process needs to ensure data transparency, uniformity, and re-use. However, the lack of
a standardized, integrated & an automated diagnostic approach results in development silos and
disparate tooling/data systems.

Major impacts include
  • Redundant and duplicated development efforts
  • Varied skill requirements
  • Design and cost in-efficiencies
  • Delayed time-to-market, owing to extended
    development cycles

How to plug these gaps?

The Engineering diagnostics toolchain from KPIT provides the answer. The toolchain has been at the core of addressing these challenges & transforming the diagnostic development landscape at leading automotive/industrial equipment OEM.

Database Designer


Authoring Suite



It caters to all diagnostic engineering use-cases across the OEM vehicle development process, and enables system, component, and function engineers to seamlessly execute activities, including

Diagnostic requirements development


Developing test sequences for ECU validation

Executing ECU sequence and conformance tests

A cloud-based enterprise integration platform joins all the engineering functions together, connecting the dots from requirements sign-off through to automated compliance gateways; automating data flow and eliminating legacy processes (such as manual file handling).

Integrated dashboards provide up-to-the-minute insight into development maturity and place our customers
firmly in control of their diagnostic artifact delivery.

Key highlights

An integrated & an automated approach for diagnostic data design, data creation /management and ECU validation

Enables left-shifting of testing & verification

Drives data uniformity, transparency, and re-use across the ecosystem

Uniquely positioned to support OEM, as they face diagnostic complexities arising from their Electrification and Autonomous programs

Success story

Partnered with a leading passenger car OEM to re-imagine their diagnostic data authoring and
management approach

Global Giving - Top Ranked - CRY

Solution benefits

  • Enables >30 % reduction in authoring efforts
  • Unified development environment
    Drives cross-functional collaboration
  • Re-use of verified data
    Bullet proofs diagnostic functionalities
  • Data driven architecture
    Faster deployment/time-to-market

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