EURO NCAP requires implementation of Driver Monitoring Systems – DMS by 2020 and In Cabin Monitoring Systems – ICMS by2022 , thus making these features an important part of ADAS/AD development programs


What does DMS entail?

Driver Identification
Drowsiness Detection
Distraction Alert
Driver Intention


DMS also provides inputs for

Safe Evasive maneuver
Limp home model
Lane and speed support


What does ICMS entail?

In Cabin Occupancy:
Person Detection
Classification as Adult \ Child \ Child
Control airbags based on occupancy.
Child Presence Detection:
Track the presence of child especially
when vehicle is parked

Our Solution

KPIT’s Driver Monitoring solution is created with state of the AI, ML, DL and Computer Vision techniques.


The demos here feature KPIT Employees and its partners driving vehicles and testing under several scenarios to understand efficacy of the solutions

A unique 4 step process to Validate
the Driver Monitoring Solution

The In – Cabin Monitoring Solution

Camera based Solution

The Camera is so positioned that it observes all passengers and provides their classification

A 3D Camera based on Time-of-Flight (ToF) principle is used . To measures depth and amplitude values in every pixel and works during day and night.

Radar based Solution

The Radar Solution is based on 62 GHz and 79 GHz sensors.

It provides depth and angle information for objects with high accuracy and works during all lighting conditions in the cabin.

The Solutions can

Detect Occupied Seats – Detect people and mark as Occupied \ Unoccupied

Provide Classification –Adult \ Child \ Child Seat \ Animal.


Brochure for Passenger Car solutions

Brochure for Commercial Vehicle solutions

Article on ISO26262 Driven Fail Operational Safe Architecture

Brochure for our V&V accelerators

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