• With a footprint of close to 80-90 ECU’s in today’s automotive, and a multitude of trouble codes (often
    ambiguous), questions are being raised around the ability and effectiveness of traditional Diagnostic tools
    to accurately diagnose and detect the underlying cause of a given problem/defect
    50% faster problem diagnosis
  • As add-ons, the sustained buzz and drive for electrification and autonomy of vehicles, coupled with
    modern engineering approaches such as feature-based architectures, virtual ECUs, etc. are lending an
    extra layer of complexity to the already complex diagnostics mix.
    Improves technician productivity by 60%
  • The pain-points and the business ramifications are obvious – High warranty costs based on No Fault Found
    (NFF) instances, Lower Fixed-First-Visit (FFV) rates, Lower technician productivity, High vehicle downtimes,
    and a cumulative negative bearing on customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty – With ‘misdiagnosis’ or
    the ‘lack of diagnosis’ clearly being the primary culprit.
    Addresses NFF & FFV challenges
  • A viable solution in sight, is to reduce the reliance on a technician’s decisions and to introduce the concept
    of intelligent, guided and pin-pointed diagnostics
    Product agnostic
  • KPIT’s Intelligent and Network based diagnostics solution (K-GRIP) is an advanced diagnostics platform
    with proven effectiveness to disambiguate, diagnose with pin-point accuracy, and enable guided &
    optimum troubleshooting based on Artificial Intelligence (supervised learning), which sits at the heart of
    this solution
    Cloud powered