A vehicle today is no more an isolated machine on the road. It is as connected as any smart device in addition to travelling from point A to Point B. There are millions of such connected vehicles driven on the roads. As any other connected device like internet-connected computer, smartphone or anything else; a vehicle is also vulnerable to security threats.

The increasing capabilities offered by connected vehicles and systems enable a wide range of features and services, exposing the vehicle to the threats of malicious attacks. The consequences of failure can be severe, and the number of potential targets is large. Ensuring the security of a vehicle’s EE architecture and components becomes a challenge.

KPIT Automotive Cyber Security offers end-to-end cyber security assessment solutions and services to identify such threats at early stage and address these highly critical security problems faced by today’s connected automotive world.

KPIT’s holistic approach for automotive cybersecurity covers all the stages and aspects of automotive security assurance based on SAE J3061 automotive security guidelines.

It is always advisable to incorporate cyber security from concept phase itself to make sure the production unit is covered from potential threats.

ECUs and Interface level coverage

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